New Mahon Foundation Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce the launching of a new Mahon Foundation Scholarship towards the obtaining of a Chartered Accountant South Africa qualification.

  1. The scholarship is exclusively for female African, Indian and Coloured students;
  2. There is no work, or other obligation on the funded students, besides excellent performance and continued pursuit of the CA (SA) designation;
  3. The scholarship aims to cover tuition, accommodation, study material and any other living expenses, aimed to ease the student’s study experience and maximise their chance of success;
  4. In addition to the financial support, the Scholarships also offers:
    • Study sessions and exam preparation;
    • Assistance with securing articles with a “Big 4” Accounting firm;
    • Networking opportunities with current CA (SAs) in industry and public practice;
    • Mentorship from student days, into articles and continuing into their professional careers.

We are extremely excited about this new initiative.

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